Electronics Removal

Electronics Removal

Convenience is a way of life in the 21st century, and a major factor in our modern comforts are our electronics, this is where Junk Goats junk removal service Richmond. Whether they help heat or cool the house, help us clean and everything in between, appliances are a ubiquitous part of the contemporary household. While they are frequently used in day to day life, they are not flawless, and will eventually need replacement. It is one thing to purchase a new appliance; it is another thing entirely to find a way to dispose of the old one. Luckily, the Junk Goats Junk Removal team has the skill, experience, and expertise to remove your old and unwanted appliances!

Our courteous and professional team of Junk Goats junk removal service Richmond makes getting rid of even the most awkward electronics a breeze, right from the start. With just one phone call, you can schedule an on-site free, firm, no obligation quote from our Goats based on what items you need removed. Thirty minutes before our arrival on site, our Junk Goat crew leader will send you a text message letting you know that we are on our way. Once we arrive and see your items in person, Junk Goats gives you a free, firm, and no obligation quote right then and there. With your approval, we get to work right away clearing out your formerly occupied space in a safe, courteous, and efficient manner.

Examples of electronics the Junk Goats junk removal service Richmond have experience in removing include:

  • Televisions / Radios / Media Players (VHS / DVD / Laserdisc)- Time to upgrade that television? VHR set confounding young ones? Does that eight-track player really get much use? After giving Junk Goats Junk Removal a call, you won’t have to do a thing to get rid of that big bulky cathode ray tube TV, nor with the jukebox that’s long past its prime. Sit back and watch your junk disappear!
  • Washer / Dryer / Laundry Items – Doing laundry with these gadgets cuts out significant effort and stress. When it comes time to replace them, however, moving these large, bulky items could very well end up as stressful and tough as washing the laundry by hand! That’s why with the Junk Goats Junk Removal team on your side, you can rest assured that these machines will be swiftly and efficiently removed – and don’t forget, our Goats take extra precautions so as not to damage the surrounding areas. Electrical and water line connections always have extra care taken around them so as not to damage your space nor hurt our Goats!
  • Old Phones, Fax Machines, Copiers and Other Outdated Office Equipment – Do you have an office space that feels stuck in the last millennium? Let the Junk Goats help you clear that space out, worry free! Our Junk Goats truck can hold quite the amount of refuse and rubbish in it, so whether it’s a stack of computer monitors or a bulky copier / printer / scanner, we would be more than happy to help take your unwanted items off your hands.
  • Arcade Cabinets / Pinball Machines – While there can be plenty of happy and nostalgic memories associated with visiting arcades and pumping quarters into the machines with your friends, when it comes time to remove these sizable devices things can get decidedly less fun. Here at Junk Goats, however, we like to consider ourselves a ‘cheat code’ in situations like these. We pride ourselves on our high scores and you will be amazed at how efficiently, safely and securely we can remove your well-loved games! The Junk Goats team also takes every precaution to make sure no damage occurs to your property when we are removing your items as well, by tying up loose cords and ensuring large pieces are adequately lifted on both sides.
  • Vacuum Cleaners – These every day cleaners help keep your house dust free and spotless, but require serious tech work when they break down. Why hold onto something that no longer does the job it was supposed to? Be it a hand held dust buster, a stand up cordless vacuum or even a big, bulky box shaped vacuum cleaner, we’re more than happy to help ‘vacuum’ up your junk into our removal truck!
  • Miscellaneous Electronics – While they might not have been mentioned above, we are more than happy to help you clear out any other electronics from your space! We will gladly take desktop and laptop computers, printers, monitors, old tablets and mobile phones, bathroom scales, desktop and standing fans, old power strips and any other electronic junk you can find! Our professional crew of Junk Goats are chomping at the bit to clear out your electronic clutter and help you reclaim your space.

A fair amount of these machines and devices run via the usage of electricity, which is not something we take lightly here at Junk Goats junk removal service Richmond. We take every care to make sure of our employees and our client’s safety, including disconnecting power and water lines from any of your machinery where necessary. Our team will also make sure any loose cords and wires are tied up – tripping while carrying heavy items is just about the last thing any of us want to do! After your items are carefully removed from your space and loaded into our truck, the Goat crew will take the time to make sure they are secured safely for our trip. If your objects are lightly used, we will be more than happy to take them to a donation center, and we can provide a tax deductible receipt from them if they take your goods.

Junk Goats Junk Removal Service Richmond has the experience and skill necessary to help clean out almost any and all used electronics you can throw at us. Whether you are upgrading one of your appliances and need the old model gone, or just clearing out some junk for extra space, we would love to be of service to you here at Junk Goats. You can get the process started by giving our office a call at (804) 499-7999 or booking an appointment online with us at www.junkgoatsrichmond.com/book-online.