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The Junk Goats Junk Removal Services of the greater Richmond metro area is hiring! Are you an individual with mind boggling communication skills, who is looking for a fun and fast paced working environment with upbeat and friendly coworkers? Do you have a customer focused mindset and the drive to serve and help out the wonderful people of the greater Richmond metropolitan area? If you answered yes to the previous questions, the Junk Goats want you on their team!


Founded locally in Richmond in June of 2020, the Junk Goats Junk Removal Services team has been assisting the people of Richmond and the surrounding areas with their junk removal needs. Their commitment to mind boggling communication, professionalism, and quality of service has already garnered them over two hundred and fifty five star reviews on Google, with more coming in each week. The Junk Goats pride themselves on their expertise, safety and efficiency in their junk removal, their over communication with their customer base, and the quality of services they offer. 


A typical day for a Goat starts in the morning at our office headquarters, with a complete check of our big, bright blue Junk Goats truck to make sure it is ready for a full day of junk loading and hauling. Afterwards, we hit the road to visit our potential customers and repeat clients in order to deliver them our personalized, free, firm, and always no obligation quote for junk removal. At every client’s house or place of business, we are friendly and outgoing as well as eager to help our neighbors with their junk issues. Each visit starts with a professional assessment of their junk situation, and our free, firm, and no obligation quote for junk removal will be given immediately after. That assessment is firm, meaning we do not hide behind any extra charges or fees like some competitors – another part of the Junk Goats commitment to over communication and professionalism. When our great neighbors realize what an exceptional deal they are getting with the best junk removal service in Richmond, Virginia, they will approve the quote, quickly becoming great customers – and our Goats get to work loading up their junk to get hauled away! Once the junk has been safely and efficiently loaded securely into our big, bright blue Junk Goats truck, we return to the site where the junk previously was to do a small amount of housekeeping and cleaning for our clients, showing that the quality of service from the Junk Goats team truly is a step above and beyond what is expected in a junk removal service. It is part of how we can boast about our mind boggling professionalism, quality of service, and communication.


When removing junk from our client’s places of business or residences, our Goats have safety as their top priority, which helps us to get everything out in a professional, efficient, and harmless manner. We utilize team lifting on any items that are too large to reasonably be carried by one person, and always help each other out when necessary. After we have loaded all of our client’s junk into our big, bright blue truck, we take the extra step of doing a small amount of cleaning up where the junk was previously located. We take care of our clients like this as part and parcel of the mind boggling quality of service that the Junk Goats can boast about on every job. We do not consider a job complete until it is done to our customer’s 100% satisfaction!


We do not just offer junk removal services to our friends and neighbors in the greater Richmond metro area, but donation services for any lightly used items, hoarder clean out services for families of loved ones who have held onto a little too much, and small demolition services of outdoor items like sheds, hot tubs, and play sets. There is a little bit of everything we do here at Junk Goats, and that variety helps keep each and every client’s job fresh and exciting!


Being a small business, our team has the success of each of our members as a priority each day. In doing this, we strive to make each and every interaction with our customers a great experience that they will remember. The Junk Goats, once again, are proud to stand behind their five star rating on Google as well as their promise of mind boggling professionalism, over communication to our wonderful clients and customers, and our high quality of service that can not be found with any of the competitors. Each and every Junk Goat works as part of a team that is focused on building our members up and delivering success after success, week in and week out.


Don’t just take my word for it though – hear it straight from the Goat’s mouth, with some testimonials from current and former Junk Goats!


“Working with the Junk Goats is a dream come true. The environment is fun with a great crew of coworkers, and helping out our clients and customers is extremely rewarding. Highly recommended!”

  • Bentley, Junk Goats Office Manager


“Working with the Junk Goats and helping the great people of the Richmond area has been a blessing. The job is always different, always interesting, and with the Goats, always fun! I would absolutely recommend working with the best junk removal Richmond, Virginia has to offer.“

  • Rodney, Junk Goats Crew Leader


“It was an awesome experience… I would recommend anybody who’s got a good work ethic, who wants to work hard at a good company with some good friends!”

  • Benjamin West, Former Junk Goats Team Member

So if all of this sounds like it describes you, what are you waiting for? The Junk Goats Junk Removal Services of Richmond, Virginia, are seeking mind boggling talent just like yours to add to our quickly expanding team! Do not wait – give us a call at (804) 494-7999 or send in your application today to [email protected] and get ready to become part of the best junk removal service around!