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Hopewell’s Best Junk Removal Source – The Junk Goats


An independent city surrounded by Prince George County and the Appomattox River in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Hopewell is a beautiful and thriving place to be. From its founding back in 1613 at City Point all the way through the bridge disaster just down the river at the Benjamin Harrison Memorial Bridge, the city has had its fair share of ups and downs. Unfortunately, one down that plagues almost every location in our beautiful commonwealth of Virginia is that of junk. When Hopewell is piled high with clutter and debris, what can you do to help clear it all? Get the best junk removal Hopewell VA has on your side – the Junk Goats!


Since June of 2020 the Junk Goats have been serving the greater Richmond metro area. They have been boggling the minds of their clients and customers ever since. No matter the size of your junk removal Hopewell VA problem, the Junk Goats are ready, willing and able to tackle it. We arrive on time, every time, and are uniformed and ready to get to work. If you are in need of the best junk removal Hopewell VA has to offer, it is time to get with the Junk Goats to haul that clutter away!


What Can the Goats Do For Hopewell?


Junk removal is a broad term, but the Junk Goats come prepared for almost any type of job. No matter if your junk is located inside or outside, in a storage unit or is, in fact, a shed, the Junk Goats have the know how and ability to get it loaded up into our big, bright blue Junk Goats truck safely and efficiently. Some of the services we offer to the wonderful citizens of Hopewell include:


  • Electronics Disposal: Years ago it was the hot new item to have; now plugging it in is the only way it gets hot. Yeesh! Do not fret – give the Junk Goats a call and we will have your electronics and other e-waste loaded up and hauled away in an environmentally friendly fashion.
  • Hot Tub Demolition: What used to be the centerpiece of some parties is now actively avoided. The good news is the Junk Goats have the expertise to be able to take your hot tub apart safely and efficiently and get it loaded up and hauled off in no time!
  • Apartment Cleanouts: Tenants leave you in the lurch with an apartment loaded with junk? Give the best junk removal Hopewell VA has a call and watch it be emptied out with aplomb!


The Junk Goats are more than happy to deliver you a free, firm, and no obligation quote for almost any sized job you have for them. Give them a call today and see how quickly they will boggle your mind with their professionalism, communication and quality of service!


Contacting The Junk Goats


Now that you know what kinds of things the Junk Goats can provide to the citizens of Hopewell and the central Virginia area, you might be wondering how to get them hired for your junk removal Hopewell VA job. You have come to the right place!


Right here on our very website are two forms you can fill out and send in to our headquarters, located just up the way in Richmond. They are the request for a quote form as well as the online booking form. Simply fill in the information asked for and you will be contacted quickly by a Junk Goats office representative. These are central Virginia natives who know the ins and outs and the quirks of our beloved commonwealth – not a bored call center drone in another state. They will speak with you about your specific junk removal needs and will get you set up with a perfect two hour arrival window for the Goats to deliver you a free, firm and no obligation quote for removal.


Want to skip the internet forms middleman? Give our offices a call directly at (804) 494-7999! Once again you will be matched with a local who cares about your junk removal Hopewell VA needs, and not someone who is more interested in getting you on the schedule and off the phones like with most of the competition. Once you are booked, we will send reminder texts and emails regarding your appointment with the Junk Goats, and we will even give a courtesy call the day of to let you know we are on our way. No mysteries or having to wait around all day with the Junk Goats!


Cleaning Up Hopewell One Customer At A Time


There is so much that the Junk Goats can provide to the wonderful citizens of Hopewell. Whether it is hauling junk away – no matter if it is a single item like a mattress or clearing out an entire apartment complex – they are the best in the area, no question. The Junk Goats have racked up over four hundred glowing five star reviews from previous clients and customers who have all had their mind boggled by the best junk removal service in the central Virginia reason – so isn’t it time to get them over to your junk removal project?


If all of the above was not enough, the Goats are also more than happy to help donate lightly used items to keep our landfills empty and ensure that Virginia and Hopewell stay environmentally friendly. We go the extra mile for each and every customer and client and can not wait to help out the wonderful people of Hopewell. Remember, it does not matter if you need a room cleared or a shed demolished; some items donated to the local thrift store or a hoarding clean out; the Junk Goats are the service to beat for the best junk removal Hopewell VA has. Give them a call today at (804) 494-7999 to speak with a Goats representative about your junk removal needs today, and prepare to have your mind boggled by the very best in town.