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Hustle and bustle! There is a lot going on over in Sandston, VA, with the airport being an internationally recognized flight stop. The town has always seemed to have something going on in it – more recently the airport, but back in 1862 it was the site of one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War at Seven Pines. A bus and trolley system was used to transport people and items from Richmond over to Sandston, and the route was eventually named for its length to become what we know as Nine Mile Road. With so much going on, it is understandable that sometimes junk becomes a nuisance and will need the professionals to remove it. Fortunately, there is no better group to contact for junk removal Sandston VA than the Junk Goats junk removal team.


Founded in the city of Richmond back in June of 2020, the Junk Goats have quickly made a name for themselves with their mind boggling quality of service, communication and professionalism in every step of the junk removal Sandston VA process. They have over four hundred glowing five out of five star reviews from clients and customers from across the central Virginia metro Richmond area, and they are ready to help keep Sandston clear of clutter!


Cleaning Up Sandston with the Junk Goats


Here at the Junk Goats, we base our entire process and pricing on the amount of space your junk takes up in our truck. That’s it – no weight limits for you to try and puzzle out, no extra dumping fees or charges on the back end, and certainly no labor fee to come inside your home and remove the junk (unlike a lot of our competition). Our quotes are free, firm, and completely no obligation to receive, and we will never surprise you with bonus charges at the end of service as we only do the work that you, our client, approve of! Have a certain budget that you need to work within? The Junk Goats are always happy to tailor our services to your specific needs.


To get the Goats out to your Sandston location, whether it is a house, apartment, storage unit or even attached to Richmond International, you can check out our two online forms on www.junkgoatsrichmond.com. You are also welcome to call our Richmond based offices at (804) 494-7999. No matter the method you choose, our friendly Junk Goats office staff will find the very best two hour arrival window on our schedule for you to receive your free, firm, and no obligation quote for junk removal. Even better – you do not have to worry about scheduling the Goats to come out for a second date if you approve your quote. Our Goats come prepared to tackle the job at hand, so when you approve your quote for junk removal Sandston VA, they get to work right then and there. The Goats will get your junk loaded onto our big, bright blue Junk Goats truck safely and efficiently, keeping an eye out to protect the property we have to carry it through. Once we are finished, we even return to where your junk was to do a little bit of clean up. After our client has been satisfied that the work has been done to their specifications, we can accept all cards, checks and cash – whatever method of payment works best for you!


What Can the Junk Goats Do for You?


Junk removal is just one of the many different services offered by the Junk Goats. They are happy to haul away unwanted items, but in addition to that, they can also perform:


  • Yard Debris Cleanup: Got a pile of branches, sticks, leaves, and other outdoor debris? Leaving them to sit could create the perfect home for pests like snakes, spiders and rodents. Let the Junk Goats haul it away for you and keep your yard squeaky clean!
  • Hot Tub Demolitions: It might have been the talk of the party when you first got it, but now you would rather not hear what people have said about your funky old hot tub. Do not fret, give the Junk Goats a call and we will have that spa taken apart and hauled away in no time, safely and efficiently.
  • Donation Services: is your junk just unused and taking up space, but could be utilized by someone else? We are more than happy to help keep central Virginia green by saving landfill space and taking your items to a local donation center instead. We even scan in the receipt received from the donation center so you can utilize it on your taxes next year!
  • Apartment Clean-Out: Left in the lurch with a large amount of junk you (nor your tenant) really want? The Junk Goats will clear that space without you having to lift a single finger.


We here at Junk Goats are more than happy to take a look at your job, no matter the parameters, to deliver you a free, firm and no obligation quote for junk removal Sandston VA. We treat each client and customer like a VIP and work hand in hand to make sure their junk removal needs have been met.


Mind Bogglingly Great Junk Removal


As we mentioned above, the Junk Goats have been boggling the minds of central Virginia and metro Richmond residents since June of 2020. If you have junk removal Sandston VA needs, try what others have discovered is the best junk removal service in town. Give the Junk Goats office a call today at (804) 494-7999 to discuss your project with someone who is ready to listen to your junk removal needs. With over four hundred previous clients and customers singing our praises, isn’t it time to add your voice to the chorus? Check out our two forms as well – the request for a quote and online booking – in order to clear your clutter safely and efficiently with the Junk Goats.