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Petersburg’s Number One Choice for Junk Removal


Petersburg is a city in Richmond steeped in history. Located just south of Richmond, Petersburg has a rich history dating back to the 18th century. During the Civil War, it was the site of several major battles, including the Siege of Petersburg, which lasted for over nine months. Today, Petersburg is home to a variety of historic landmarks and museums, including the Siege Museum and the Petersburg National Battlefield. In addition to its rich history, Petersburg is also a thriving city with a strong business community. Keeping Petersburg clean and junk free is no small task, but for the best junk removal Petersburg VA has to offer, the Junk Goats, it is a breeze. 


The Junk Goats have been helping the citizens of Petersburg and the greater Richmond metro area for over three years, having been founded back in June of 2020. They are dedicated to their core principles of mind bogglingly great service, communication and professionalism through each and every step of the junk removal Petersburg VA process. With clean cut and uniformed teams, the Junk Goats are able to clear the clutter with ease. It does not matter if you are looking to get rid of a single item like a dining room table or if you are looking to clear out the entire dining room itself, the Goats are ready, willing and able to help you haul that junk away!


Environmentally Friendly and Eco-Conscious Junk Hauling


Keeping Petersburg free of junk does not just mean hauling everything we are given straight to the dump. In fact, quite the opposite – at the Junk Goats, we take every opportunity to keep the local landfills and dumps clear of items that can be used. To that end, we are more than happy to take any items that can be considered “lightly used” to a donation center so that they can be repurposed. This helps prevent the landfill from growing exponentially after tossing that old bedroom set.


Sometimes we are given items that, due to circumstance, we would rather not fill the local dumps up with. In these instances, we are more than happy to re-sell these items on a local marketplace page. Proceeds from any sale of these items are put towards helping out the Special Olympics charity. That is right – not only can you clear up valuable space with your junk removal Petersburg VA job, you could be helping out a charity in a green way as well! The Junk Goats stand head and shoulders above the rest with the services they provide. Speaking of which…


What Can the Junk Goats Do for Me in Petersburg?


Junk removal seems like such a broad term, what does it actually entail? Let’s break it down to make it a little bit easier to understand. Junk is any item that you no longer need that is taking up valuable space on or in your property. The Junk Goats are here to haul it away. Some specific junk instances include:


  • Mattress disposal: were you aware that bringing a mattress to the dump incurs extra processing fees? With the Junk Goats, you never get any extra charges or fees added to your quote, no matter what you’re junking!
  • Apartment cleanouts: if you are preparing your rental space for a new tenant, you might have plenty on your agenda without having to physically load up and haul junk away. Let the Goats handle your junk removal Petersburg VA job for you!
  • Hot Tub demolitions: what was once the centerpiece of summertime parties now functions as a grody old rain barrel. If you thought we were not able to get rid of items like this, think again – we have the tools, capability and know how to safely and efficiently demolish small structures like hot tubs and sheds!


The only items the Junk Goats are unable to take with them are items considered hazardous in nature. This includes fireworks, oil pans, wet paint cans and spray paints, chemicals, medical waste and biohazards. Otherwise, the only finger you need lift is to point your junk out and we will handle the rest.


Hiring The Junk Goats For Your Petersburg Junk Removal Job


So your mind has been boggled by this list of services that the Junk Goats offer, and you are in need of one of them in particular. Good news – you are very close to getting the best junk removal Petersburg VA has to offer booked for your very own clutter clearing job! Simply fill out either form located here on our website, the request for a quote form on our home page or the online booking form, and we will be in contact with you shortly. Our capable and friendly office workers are locals who know the area and are ready to actually listen to your junk removal needs. They will work with you to find the very best two hour arrival window for your junk removal needs. You can also reach the offices directly by calling (804) 494-7999.


Once you have been booked, you will get a reminder text and email regarding your appointment, as well as a courtesy call approximately thirty minutes before your Junk Goats team arrives. They will take a look at your clutter and give you a free, firm and no obligation quote, and with your approval, they get to work right then and there loading your junk up into their big, bright blue Junk Goats truck. After they have finished with your junk removal Petersburg VA job, our Goats do a little cleanup where your junk was held, and can accept all cards, checks and cash afterwards.


Don’t Delay – Hire the Junk Goats Today!


Junk has always been an issue plaguing the wonderful citizens of central Virginia. Isn’t it nice to know there is a company with the customer’s interests on their side? Give the Junk Goats a call today at (804) 494-7999 to speak with them about your junk removal Petersburg VA job – you will have your mind boggled!