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Residential Junk Removal

Residential junk removal in Richmond VA is made easy with Junk Goats. In today’s modern world, there are an abundance of things that can naturally accumulate over time. Whether that be personal items stored away in crawl spaces, attics, sheds, or garages or simply around the house, stuff can accumulate fast! Many of these items put away seemed important to keep at the time. After all, it goes against our nature to get rid of things we might find useful or sentimental down the road. However, over time, many homeowners and renters find that they don’t remember what they even stored away in those boxes years ago. What was important to keep is now forgotten “stuff” cluttering up your valuable space.

Whether you simply want to create more space freedom for you and your family, downsize to a new location, or simply have some junk around the house you need gone, the Junk Goats are here to help. We understand it can be difficult to part ways with your possessions. We also understand that once our clients take the leap, and have clutter hauled away, there is almost always a great feeling of relief and some weight off their shoulders. Clutter can cause stress and anxiety as it builds up. The first step is recognizing this, and coming to the conclusion that perhaps, you don’t need to keep storing all this stuff. After deciding you want your clutter gone, you then have to come up with a plan to actually get the clutter out of your living space or storage, and out to the proper donation facility or disposal site. Homeowners and renters have a few options when it comes to clearing out clutter, junk and other no longer needed items. Firstly, they can opt to take care of the clutter themselves.

This usually involves renting a truck and spending the day or multiple days moving all the stuff to the truck and making multiple trips to the dump or donation center. If you already have the needed truck and some willing labor, then getting rid of your junk yourself can be a feasible option. The second option, our favorite, is to decide that you can use some help with your decluttering project. Getting assistance from the Junk Goats for your clutter removal will save you hours of difficult labor, multiple trips to the dump or donation center, and truck rental fees. Our Junk Goats team provides the friendliest, judgement free clutter clean-up and removal in Central Virginia. You can trust us to get your job done right, and can expect top notch service at every point along the way. Our clients consistently act as though weight has been lifted off their shoulder after we satisfactorily get their clutter removed off their property. You don’t have to face your junk problems alone.

Junk Goats Junk Removal is eager to serve you by creating a junk free space for you and your loved ones. Junk Goats offers clean out and junk removal services for garages, sheds, attics, crawl spaces and more. Whether you have a single item you need hauled away, or a whole lot of clutter you just need gone, Junk Goats has you covered. Junk Goats provides all the labor, hauling, and proper disposal of your no longer needed goods. As a client, you don’t have to lift a finger. The Junk Goats team just needs to know what you’d like gone, and we will proceed to extract all the items for you. Whether your junk is in your attic, crawl space, shed, garage, or in rooms throughout the residence, we will extract it all for you. That means wherever your junk is, the Junk Goats team will go to it and remove it so you don’t even have to touch it.

You will be shocked at how quickly and efficiently our junk removal experts will have your space cleared out and items removed. We are not only fast and efficient, but we are also thorough and purposeful in every movement. Junk Goats goes the extra mile for every job. You can expect your area looking fresh and clean when the Junk Goats team is done. Junk Goats’ residential junk removal services are more than just a hauling service. Our friendly team helps our clients get their clutter-free life back and takes a heavy load off their backs. If junk has got your goat, call the Junk Goats team today.

Garage Cleanouts

Garages are excellent places to store a variety of items, whether it be your power tools, vehicles, and other equipment or overflow storage from your home. Garages can make for the ultimate man cave, home gym, or secure place to park your vehicles when not in use. However, more often than not, the original purpose and function of that garage is lost as it slowly transforms into a disorganized storage space for “stuff” that didn’t have anywhere else to go. This accumulation of items in the garage usually happens over time and eventually the whole space is rendered virtually useless. We see it all the time. Homeowners opt to have a garage in order to keep their cars out of the weather and secure. But sooner than later, there’s no way you can fit your car in there. Whether it’s boxes of stuff never unpacked from your last move, an accumulation of items that at the time were too good to throw away, or just a jumble of junk, losing the functionality of your garage is all too common. If you’re tired of looking at the wasted space, and piles of stuff you don’t even recognize, then you are ready to call the Junk Goats and see how we can help you. You don’t have to face that mess alone. The Junk Goats team can help you clear out your garage, leaving all the items you truly need, while removing everything else. We can liberate your space and allow you the freedom to use it as intended once again. For all garage clean out needs, the Junk Goats are here to help.

Shed Cleanouts

Sheds are excellent spaces to store power equipment, tools, and fuel. Because sheds are typically detached from the primary residence, they are the ideal space to store otherwise dangerous items such as gasoline, oil, and other household or lawn chemicals. Most homeowners have an original purpose for their shed. The original purpose of the space is more often than not overrun over time by excess stuff that is stored in the space. Sheds are typically small spaces and can quickly become disorganized, cluttered, and filled with stuff. Household items stored in sheds are oftentimes ransacked by critters such as mice and ants and other vermin making it a peculiar place to store your items. If you find your shed in a state of disorganized, cluttered chaos and wish to restore the functionality and usefulness of your shed once again, the Junk Goats can help. Our team of shed clearing experts can rid your shed of clutter and give you your space back. If you have a shed that is full of junk, call our friendly junk experts today.

Attic Cleanouts

Attics are great storage spaces for homeowners to keep their excess items. Holiday decorations, old family photos, and unpacked boxes from the previous move are all common items found in residential attics. Most homeowners put items in their attic and forget about them. Years later, when the attic is virtually overflowing with stuff, there is a feeling of overwhelm. When you decide your attic space needs a purge, the Junk Goats team is here to help. Removing heavy boxes and other items from attics can be physically demanding and difficult. Attics can be awkward to walk around, steaming hot, and difficult to access. Thankfully for you, the Junk Goats team has perfected our attic clearing system to enable us to clear out your unwanted items from your attic in no time. If you think it’s time to reclaim your attic, and make room for what truly matters then give our friendly Junk Goats a call today.

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