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Henrico County, Virginia is one of the most historic places in the entire state, having been founded in 1611 just a scant four years after Jamestown. Even though that original site, the Citie of Henricus, was destroyed in a Powhatan attack in 1626, the resilience of the settlers held, and in 1634 the Henrico Shire was created, which was the basis of ten counties and three different independent cities! That is a lot of space for junk to crop up, and there is no better team to help with junk removal Henrico VA than the Junk Goats. Founded in June of 2020 to give the citizens of Henrico and the greater Richmond metro area a better choice in junk removal needs, the Junk Goats have been winning over the residents with their mind boggling professionalism, quality of service, and communication.


No matter if you are located on the western edge of Henrico near Short Pump or on the eastern end by Highland Springs or all the way down to the 295 bridge over the James River, the Junk Goats have you covered. They will gladly bring their big, bright blue truck by your house, apartment, storage unit, place of business or more to deliver you our patented free, firm, and no obligation quote for junk removal – and with your approval, will have your clutter loaded up in a jiffy!


How To Get the Junk Goats Free, Firm and No Obligation Quote


How can you get your very own free, firm and no obligation quote for junk removal Henrico VA? The Junk Goats make it easy as can be. The two best ways to get yourself booked for a Junk Goats visit are to give their offices a call directly at (804) 494-7999 or visit them online at www.junkgoatsrichmond.com. There you will find a request for a quote and an online booking form – simply fill those out with your name, address, and a quick description of what kind of junk you need hauled away, and we will contact you as fast as possible to confirm your details. Our Goats come ready to complete the job at hand, and are clean cut, uniformed and always have your junk removal Henrico VA needs as their priority.


It does not matter if you are looking to just get rid of a single item like a bed or an entire room’s worth of stuff, the Junk Goats are pros at removing your unwanted clutter. After we take a look at everything you want to get rid of, we can give you the free, firm and no obligation quote for removal. Don’t worry about having to schedule us to come back out though – with your approval of the quote, we will get all of your junk loaded up into our truck right then and there, safely and efficiently. Part of our mind boggling service includes doing a light amount of clean up in the area where your junk was held. Once your Goat team has finished to your satisfaction, they can accept all cards, checks and cash – whatever method of payment works out best for you!


Not Just Junk Removal in Henrico VA


Did you know that the Junk Goats do not just haul junk away? That is right – they are more than happy to help with some other tasks that may seem daunting to the average person. Some of these include:


  • Keeping Henrico Clean with Donation Services: The Junk Goats are dedicated to a greener Virginia, and to that end, will try to donate any lightly used items to local donation centers and thrift stores. We will even send the donation receipt back to you!
  • Demolition Services for Hot Tubs, Sheds and Playsets: Got an empty nest and a children’s playset that has been degrading over the years? Give the experts at the Junk Goats a call and we will have that thing taken apart safely and efficiently. Reclaim your space!
  • Hoarding Cleanouts: When things seem to have spun out of control, the Junk Goats will help you get a handle on things. We take our time to clear out your space so you can get it ready for the next phase.


The Junk Goats provide these services and others, including yard waste debris removal, appliance and e-waste disposal, and more. Outside of items considered hazardous in nature, such as oil pans, medical waste, fireworks and wet paint, the Goats are more than happy to come by with their free, firm, and no obligation quote for citizens of Henrico county, from the eastern edge all the way up to the Lakeside area and out to the border of Goochland.


Make Your Appointment with the Junk Goats Today!


The Junk Goats have been boggling the minds of Henrico residents for over two years, and have over four hundred total five star reviews from previous clients and customers across the metro Richmond area. For an area with so much history, for not just the state but the country as well, you want a junk removal Henrico VA service that is historically good as well. What you need is the mind bogglingly great quality of service, communication and professionalism that the Junk Goats bring to each and every junk removal job.


So what are you waiting for? If you have the need for the best junk removal Henrico VA has to offer, there is no sense calling the competition when you know the Junk Goats are ready, willing and able to boggle your mind. Whether you have a single item out by the airport that needs junking or an entire estate in the Tuckahoe area that needs clearing out, the Goats will be there with a smile on. Give their Richmond based offices a call today at (804) 494-7999 and speak with a metro local who knows the ins and outs of the beautiful central Virginia area. Don’t forget, you can book online as well, at www.junkgoatsrichmond.com/book-online!