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Midlothian’s Premiere Junk Removal Service Since 2020


Way back in 1836, the Woolridge family incorporated the Mid-Lothian Mining and Manufacturing company. It is the first commercially owned mining company in Virginia as well as North America. Prior to that, the area was rich in coal veins – the Black Heath vein famously provided coal to Thomas Jefferson’s White House. With all that mining comes a proliferation of junk, not just from the mines but the miners as well. Fortunately, there is a company that has been providing mind boggling junk removal Midlothian VA services since June of 2020. The Junk Goats are happy to have been helping clear the clutter out of Midlothian for this time and are looking forward to helping the town for many more years to come.


While the town of Midlothian is no longer a central coal mining hub, there are plenty of residents around to help keep the hustle and bustle alive to this day. That, of course, means there will be an ample amount of junk to remove and garbage to haul away. By connecting with and utilizing the best junk removal Midlothian VA has to offer, the Junk Goats, you will be able to see the mind boggling difference between them and their competitors.


What Services Do the Junk Goats Provide?


Junk removal seems like a broad term, and it does in fact cover quite a bit of services! Junk technically means any item that you no longer have any use for or that is taking up space that you need. Sometimes these items have seen long and full lives and are ready for their final trip to the landfill or local dump. However, the Junk Goats are dedicated to keeping central Virginia and Midlothian clean and green, so we do our best to re-purpose your items. We do this by taking it to a donation or thrift center, or are more than happy to try and re-sell the items with the proceeds donated to the Special Olympics. However, just hauling away old junk is not our only trick – we have quite a few more, such as:


  • Apartment Cleanouts: tenant left you in the lurch with entirely too much stuff in the property? Don’t break a sweat, call the Junk Goats and have that space cleared out in no time!
  • Yard Debris Removal: while the gentle rolling hills of the Piedmont region in Midlothian have a quaint natural beauty, letting the debris from years of seasonal changes hang around can cause a real problem with pests down the line! Let the Junk Goats haul the brush and branches away for you!
  • E-Waste and Appliance Disposal: were you aware that getting rid of certain items, like electronics and appliances, can garner extra fees for responsible disposal at the dump? The Junk Goats will never pass along any extra fee or charge they run into, and will always keep their free, firm and no obligation quote commitment.


The Goats are also more than happy to help with any small demolition job, be it a hot tub, old and funky shed, or a children’s playset that has seen better years. No matter the size of the job, if you need the best junk removal Midlothian VA has to offer, the Junk Goats are the crew for you.


How Can I Get the Junk Goats’ Free, Firm and No Obligation Quote?


At this point your mind might already be boggled with the myriad possibilities for junk removal Midlothian VA, but you also might be wondering how to hire these professionals to take care of your particular clutter busting situation. There are several ways to get in contact with the best junk removal Midlothian VA has; the most direct way would be to call our Richmond based offices at (804) 494-7999. We have a staff of metro Richmond locals who know the city instead of an outsourced call center, and we are ready to listen to your junk removal Midlothian VA needs. We will work hand in hand with you to find the very best two hour arrival window on our schedule for you.


Once you are booked, you will get a reminder text and email the day before your appointment with the Junk Goats, and on the day of, you will even get a courtesy call approximately thirty minutes before we arrive to let you know we are on our way. The Goats are committed to boggling the minds of each and every customer with their communication, professionalism, and quality of service, and it is visible each and every step of the way.


Prefer to send in a form and have us contact you? Our website, www.junkgoatsrichmond.com, has two forms to fill out to get your junk removal Midlothian VA odyssey started – the request for a quote and the online booking form. Once we receive either of these, we will get in touch with you as quick as possible to help keep the town of Midlothian beautiful!


Helping the Midlothian Area with Clutter Control


Midlothian is a historic place in Virginia, and has been part of the country’s history since near the start. Keeping it beautiful and clean is something every resident wants to do, and there is no better service to help you with this than the Junk Goats. Whether you have a single item like an old mattress, a storage unit filled to the top with unwanted items or a hot tub that has seen far better days, the Junk Goats are ready to help. Simply give their Richmond based offices a call today to speak with one of their local employees about your junk removal Midlothian VA needs. They can be reached at (804) 494-7999, as well as online via the online booking and request for a quote forms found on www.junkgoatsrichmond.com. Over four hundred previous clients and customers from across the greater Richmond metro area have rated them five out of five stars on Google – isn’t it time you saw what all the fuss was about? Don’t wait – call today!