Mattress Removal

Mattress Removal

Junk Goats Mattress Removal (2)There’s nothing quite like getting a full night’s rest. Adults between the ages of eighteen to sixty are recommended to get at least seven full hours of sleep to be considered ‘well rested’ for the upcoming day. Teenagers need even more (and, given the opportunity, will happily take it). While our houses may very well be our castles, our bedrooms are hallowed ground within. What happens when the tranquility of your inner sanctum has been shattered thanks to an old, squeaky metal bed frame, or an uncomfortably lumpy mattress top? Believe it or not, lack of undisturbed sleeping time can lead to some fairly dire real world consequences. Some potential problems associated with sleep deprivation are high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, heart failure or stroke. It can even affect your appearance! Making sure that your sleeping area is both relaxing and comfortable is therefore reasonably important. If your bedding was previously calming but no longer helps you sleep like it once did, the Junk Goats Junk Removal Service Richmond team serving the greater Richmond metro area is more than happy to help with mattress removal so you can get back to counting sheep and collecting z’s.

Junk Goats Mattress Removal (1)Bedroom furniture has evolved throughout the ages and is now a staple in most every single abode. When we talk about a ‘bed’ we are usually speaking about several different pieces of furniture combined: a frame, sometimes with headboard and footboard, to keep the bed’s shape; a box spring mattress to help give a solid foundation; a soft mattress that goes on top of the box spring to be slept upon. Discounting cribs and beds made for children specifically, there are generally six sizes for mattresses. They are:

  • Twin (75 inches long by 38 inches wide)
  • Twin XL (80 inches long by 38 inches wide)
  • Full (75 inches long by 53 inches wide)
  • Queen (80 inches long by 60 inches wide)
  • King (80 inches long by 76 inches wide)
  • California King (84 inches long by 72 inches wide)

The smallest of those, the twin bed, is over six feet in length and three feet wide – and that doesn’t count how tall (anywhere from 6 to 9 inches) the padding is. Add in the box spring mattress for foundation and the bed frame and that’s a significant chunk of time and effort to get rid of something that is not putting in the work anymore. That says nothing either about waterbeds and their holding bladders, once a popular piece of bedroom furniture. Bigger bed? Bigger headache – or so you would think! The Junk Goats of Richmond, Virginia are here to save the day and your bedroom with their mind boggling service and professionalism.

First floor master bedrooms have become more and more in vogue recently, but a good amount of bedrooms (and therefore, bedding and related furniture) is located on the upper floors of a house, making the task of bringing them down and out even more laborious. Instead of racking your brains trying to come up with the best way to break down your bed and remove it, give the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Junk Goats Junk Removal a call! We have the know-how and expertise to be able to clear your bedroom of the old junk so you can make it into the restful space you knew and loved.

Junk Goats Mattress Removal (3)​Our squad at Junk Goats Junk Removal Service Richmond takes extra care when removing items from your home to not damage ourselves or your property. Considering the large size of mattresses, even the nominal twin bed, we will team lift any piece that cannot be reasonably carried by one person. We even go the extra mile to clean the area where your junk previously resided. If there are any tripping hazards such as straps or pieces of torn fabric, our team will ensure that they are tied up and out of the way before moving your items. Nobody wants to trip while carrying a large object, and when stairs are added into the mix? Safety of our workers and your property is a priority for the Junk Goats while we are on site.

Once we have your box spring and mattress out, it is then time to work on disassembling and removing the frame. Frames can be as simple as two end boards with runners in between them to something as large as a cabinet headboard with glass shelves – some of which even have their own lighting. The crew at Junk Goats Junk Removal Service Richmond is prepared to handle any size frame, however, and will safely disconnect any wires from outlets before beginning the removal process. Again, those wires will be tied up so as to no longer constitute a tripping hazard while moving the frame from your house. Any glass or mirrors will be removed if applicable as well before moving the piece from the bedroom.

Clearing out an entire bedroom set to make room for a new one? That’s just fine with us too! We would be more than happy to take not just the mattresses and frame, but any related end tables and chairs you are no longer in need of either. If the items are ‘lightly used,’ we also offer donation services so that your items can find a new loving home. Our outstanding Junk Goats Junk Removal Service Richmond team will make sure to scan the donation receipt over to you for your tax purposes as well.

Sleep is a deeply important part of our everyday lives, and something we should never take for granted. A lack of sleep can be caused by many things, but if the root of the issue is old, outdated and worn bedroom furniture, the courteous and skilled team at Junk Goats Junk Removal Service Richmond is ready, willing and able to take it out of your bedroom and off your hands. You can get the ball rolling by giving our office a call at (804) 494-7999 or by filling out our free, firm, and no obligation quote request for a quote form on our website at